Wednesday 2 April 2025 7:30pm

The programme – Shards of Light – tracks the minimal variations of the smallest musical ‘shards’. They can be found in dances from the Renaissance or in a sonata by Bach but are also found in Eastern European folk music and works by contemporary composers.

Samuele Telari was a prize-winner at the 2019 Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) International Auditions and was described by BBC Record Review as having ‘musicianship … so big, so irrepressible, that he transcends the instrument that he’s playing’. He combines his accordion with the virtuosity of Tabea Debus’s playing – described as ‘rightly being credited with changing public perception of the recorder’ to explore a variety of musical styles in the programme – Shards of Light.

Spanning the centuries from Arvo Pärt’s kaleidoscopic minimalism and contemporary South American music to a dance by Dowland or a sonata by Bach and folk music from Eastern Europe, this programme traces the subtle changes in the simplest patterns – changes that can turn darkness into light, sadness to joy, something old into something new.